Considering the fossil fuel part as bad is very naive and detrimental both politically and to humanity. We already see the repercussions of energy insecurity on Europe. Expensive energy means vulnerable people are gonna die and suffer, from increased costs and inflation all over. Cheap and abundant energy will always be humanity's need and way for progress, economically and socially. While I hope this time they focus on nuclear energy, we also need the better fossil fuels (natural gas) as a fall back until you have safe margins of redundancy from renewables. Even then, it pays to be smart and still have back up fossil and nuclear fuel available for apocalyptic or strategic needs. All in all, we know energy deficiencies today will cause immeasurable suffering today, as everything from food to medicine to everything, it's not just cars. Predicting what will happen with nature in 50 or 100 years is an impossibly difficult task (we can't predict the stock market tomorrow) and while some act like biblical prophets predicting doom, many scientists pick out many parts of this apocalyptic prophecy.

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I would wait until the end of October to really believe this is happening, considering the marches and countermarches of Manchin and the Joker cards in this game, Sinema and the Supreme Court, that are yet to be played.

If days before the mid-term elections the deal is still up in the air or it's gone "puff!" already, then it would make little difference to the outcome of the crucial issue of which, if any, of the two national legislative chambers is going to still be in Democratic Party hands.

More reassuring to me is the fact that progressive politicians have taken over the Democratic Party in West Virginia and might, with plenty of good luck, repeat this victory in one or two other states.

We really need progressives to move forward actively and even aggressively, because they are the indispensable fulcrum of the political lever needed to turn, first this country and then the world , at the very least by example, in a better direction than they are turning now.

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